an overpacked suitcase

Travelling has so many benefits, and all those benefits outweigh the costs and disadvantages, but the disadvantages can be pretty annoying. My least-favourite disadvantage of travelling is that you have to pack and live out of a suitcase. Packing is such a pain. My husband and I have an endless debate where we try to decide which is worse: packing or unpacking. I think packing is the worst because you have to guess your future needs. He argues unpacking is the worst because you have to wash your clothes and put them all back which means the fun is over.

Another potential disadvantage to travelling is that if anything bad happens to you, you have to try and get help in an unfamiliar place.

a coastline jutting out to sea

There are a lot of different precautions you can follow to keep you and your family safe on your travels. One of the best ways to stay safe is to be educated about the place you are going. Can you trust the taxi cabs? The police force? The drinking water?

Enough about disadvantages! Travelling is worth every instance of packing and unpacking, and it is even worth the risk of something bad happening while you are away from home. Travelling not only lets you see new and interesting sites, but it allows you to learn. You learn about other people, other cultures and other beliefs. You make friends across the world and become an overall well-educated person. Besides, the more places the go, the more stories you will be able to tell around the camp fire.

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